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Features of Aluminum Composite Panel

The property of aluminium composite panel determines its popularity, the main properties of our products are:
(1) Weather resistance. PVDF print based on KYNAR-500 material provides the special advantage of weatherability. That is, the surface of panel will not be damaged no matter under parched sunshine or the frosty weather; the color will last for more than 20 years.
(2) Super peel strength. Advanced technology is applied in aluminuim composite panel which enhances the key factor, peel strength, to an excellent condition. The planeness of the panel has been largely improved.
(3) Convenient construction. Because of the light weight, our products are easy to transport. The superior constructibility makes it easy to cut, plan edge, bend and form other textures coordinated with the designers. The easy construction process can save the cost.
(4) Good processibility, thermal insulation, soundproofing and fireproofing. PE plastic core plate is adopted as the inflaming retarding substance in the middle part. Difficult-combustible Aluminum layers are in both sides. Therefore, it’s a fireproofing material conforming to the legal requirements. (5) Shock-resistance, high tenacity, anti-vibration and building load reduction.
(6) Multiple color choices. Our products use the Henkel film technology, making the joining between painting and panel be average. The diversity of colors can satisfy your different requirements.
(7) Easy to clean. Our aluminium composite panel enjoys the advantage of self-cleaning. So, neutral detergent and water are enough to keep it clean.