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Applications of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel
With the special features, aluminium composite panel gains a great popularity in worldwide construction field. As a new type material, the products can be classified according to usage, function and decorative effect: composite panels for curtain wall, outer wall decoration, advertising and inner room according to usage; the functioning classifications include fireproofing, anti-bacteria, antistatic products; according to the decorative effect, aluminium composite panels include decorative coating, anodic coloration, film decorative, color printing, mirror type and so on.

Aluminium composite panel is widely used to decorate interior and exteriors of buildings as curtain walls, outside walls, balcony, compartment, ceiling, and industrial material. It’s easy to install in interior wall, billboards, equipment enclosures, kiosks and more.

With the most advanced aluminum composite production machines, we try to supply the products with best quality and reasonable price. Our annual output of aluminum is 65 million square meters. We sincerely hope that our supply will meet your needs.